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Emergency Preparedness Plan

April 4, 2023 09:10 AM


The emergency preparedness plan is to assist in the protection of Charlene's Angels staff, clients, and visitors from serious injury, loss of life or loss of property in the event of an emergency.

An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action, such as a fire, severe weather/tornado, earthquake, bomb threat or other similar events. 

How does it affect me?

Everyone plays a part and is affected where safety is concerned. This guide outlines responsibilities and appropriate response actions for all employees and clients. The first step for anyone is knowing who your contacts are and how to reach them.

  • Emergencies                                           911

  • Executive Director                                   317-432-1484

  • Assistant Executive Director                    317-454-9417

  • Director of Administrative Support           317-777-4028

  • Human Resources Manager                    317-885-8988

  • Southland Community Church                 317-445-5568                  

  • Safety Compliance Officer                        317-777-4028