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Scope of Service

Charlene’s Angels was opened in 2012 to serve the ever-growing community of adults with special needs. Charlene’s Angels currently provide services for adults with various special needs. Services may include, but not be limited to, assisting this population with increasing their level of independence, as well as encouraging and preparing these special adults to successfully integrate into and be an active part of their local communities.

Our Adult Day Service serves clients 18 years and older. To be accepted into our day program, a level of service assessment is required. Charlene’s Angels can only accept levels 1 and 2. If it is deemed that a client has been assessed as a level 3, then they are not eligible for our day program.

A typical day at our adult day program may include Functional academics, independent living skills, social skills, bible study, exercise, music, arts & crafts, and community-based instruction. 

Our day program is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

In addition to our day program, Charlene’s Angels also provides Respite Service (RSPO) and PAC (Participant Assistance Care) Services. PAC and Respite Services are designed to assist individuals with increasing independence at home and within their community. Service areas include Greenwood and surrounding areas. Respite Services cannot be provided while the primary caregiver is at work; however, PAC Services can be utilized while the caregiver is working. Staff may work with individuals to improve their independence in multiple skill sets. Areas of skill development or supervision may include any or all of the following: Exercise, Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Social Skills, Safety Skills, Self-Help Skills, Leisure Skills, and Assistance with Homework.

We realize that many participants may need medication to be monitored during the day. Medications may be monitored (not administered) by trained Charlene's Angels staff, but only upon the completion of the Informed Consent for Medication Monitoring by the participant or the participant's legal representative. Any changes in medications require an updated Informed Consent for Medication Monitoring to be submitted and annually thereafter. 

The Medicaid Waiver (FSW and CIH) and private pay options fund our services at Charlene’s Angels. Individuals interested in applying for services should contact Charlene Guthrie, Executive Director, via email ( or via phone at 317-431-1484.