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Pastor Steve

About a decade ago, Steve and Stephanie Schellin sensed God calling them to something new. With nine other couples, the decision was made to start Southland and what we see today is the result of that calling.


Pastor Kerry

Kerry has been at Southland since January of 2011.  Prior to coming to Southland, he ministered at churches in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Greenwood, Indiana and Lancaster, Ohio. He serves as an Associate Trainer for Equip, an organization which helps develop leaders globally.  



Southland Community Church

Southland Community Church is home to our program. Their leaders were generous enough to allow our program to use several of their rooms as our classrooms. Southland has allowed our clients to partake in special activities such as volunteer work.


Mary Springman

Mary Springman is our Zumba instructor. She originally met our program through Freedom Springs Pool as their water aerobics teacher.  Currently, Mrs. Springman teaches Zumba Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 


John "Gramps" Baker

John Baker is our music teacher. He prefers the clients call him "Gramps", he likes for them to think of him as a grandpa. John uses many instruments to engage the clients in creativity involving singing and dancing.  John has lead a career in music and entertainment with many churches and christian events.